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Advanced Low Emission Melting system


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Turning low-quality scrap metal into high-efficiency savings

In melting operations using low grade scrap, such as oils, paints, plastics and other contaminated material, it creates problems like heavy fumes, flames and combustion in the duct, combined with high temperatures and emissions.

Air Products Advanced Low-Emission Melting system allows contaminated scrap to be melted in an environmentally friendly manner. This system can be adapted to existing oxy fuel melting operations as well as integrated into new oxy fuel burners. Our system has been proven to reduce energy costs and increase production rates by 5-7%.

Air Products Advanced Low-Emission Melting system

It can be adapted to melting oprations of different materials:

Other benefits



Facilitates the melting of contaminated aluminium in an environmentally manner  


Temperature control

Enables optimal temperature control  


Automated algorithm

for oxygen injection  


Wide variety

Enables a wide variety of contaminated scrap charges to be melted

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Advanced Low Emission Datasheet

Advanced Low Emission Datasheet (PDF)

Advanced Low Emission video

Advanced Low Emission video

Non-Ferrous capabilities

Non-Ferrous capabilities (PDF)


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