Liquid Nitrogen Systems

Freeze your way to greater flexibility and higher yields

When it comes to choosing a new freezer for your food production facility, food grade liquid nitrogen or CO2 systems have many advantages over mechanical (blast) freezing or chilling processes. The first noticeable difference between air blast freezers (or chilling units) and cryogenic freezers is the size of the machine and the time required to reach your desired end temperature.

Find out what it means for your product with this interactive tool. Input your data to see a customised comparison of liquid nitrogen and mechanical freezing.

Are you still wondering if cryogenic freezing is for you?

Thanks to the calculator above you already know that cryogenic systems freeze or chill faster and require less space. Here are a few more reasons why you may prefer liquid nitrogen or CO2 systems to chill or freeze your products. 



A faster freeze means reduced cell wall damage, better preserving your product's taste, texture and moisture levels



Cryogenic systems can be set up with different recipes allowing you to produce various throughputs and products with the same machine

Cost & Yield

Cost & Yield

Cryogenic systems normally require a lower investment cost and a faster freeze means less dehydration, which results in an improved yield

Cryogenic vs. Mechanical freezing tutorial

All the elements to factor in when choosing the best technology for your business needs 

Have a look at this short tutorial which covers the different elements that you should take into consideration.

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