However, purity isn’t everything: when considering a gas with a purity of 99.9999%, for example, the exact composition of the 0.00001% impurities is a crucial factor in the suitability of a gas for semiconductor applications.

Air Products' BIP® range of high purity gases not only have maximum purity, but we are also the only gas suppliers that can guarantee the lowest levels of critical impurities: oxygen (≤10 ppb), moisture (≤ 20ppb) and total hydrocarbons (< 100 ppb).

The BIP® range of ultra-high purity gases include hydrogen, helium, nitrogen and argon, all of which are vital in semiconductor fabrication.


Nitrogen finds extensive use as a general-purpose purging gas to keep semiconductor fabrication processes free from contaminants such as oxygen and moisture. Inside semiconductor fabs, high-purity nitrogen gas is fed through all channels and piping networks to displace contaminants from tools and semiconductor wafers.


High purity hydrogen is used for epitaxial deposition of semiconductor materials such as silicon and silicon germanium and annealing oxidized surfaces on silicon wafers. Hydrogen can also be used as a cleaning agent: hydrogen plasma is an effective means of removing tin contamination from the light sources used in UV photolithography.


Helium is a critical element in the semiconductor industry. Another inert gas, helium is used to protect semiconductor materials from reactive species in the atmosphere in much the same way as nitrogen. However, helium also has high thermal conductivity, enabling it to effectively conduct heat away and regulate the temperature of silicon wafers during the manufacturing process.


Argon is a noble gas, making it incredibly unreactive. In addition, it is relatively easy to ionize and it’s cheaply available compared to other noble gases. These properties make argon one of the most popular choices for a primary plasma gas, and it’s in this capacity that argon is primarily used for semiconductor fabrication. Argon plasmas are used for deposition and etch reactions, and argon gas is also used in deep UV lithography lasers and as a cryogenic cleaning agent.

Beyond BIP® technology cylinders, our various supply methods also include on-site generation, bulk supply and microbulk supply, depending on requirements.

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