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Ultra-high purity gases are the only gases that we put into our BIP® cylinders; this combination produces gases that are up to 300 times purer than normal gas cylinders. By starting with ultra-pure gas and delivering it through our award winning BIP® technology we can guarantee the lowest levels of impurities available in the marketplace today.

BIP® gases have a minimum purity of 6.0; however, higher specification grades have been developed for more demanding applications. Also, for those using GC-ECD (Electron Capture Detector) technique, where low levels of halocarbons are demanded, Air Products has developed an ECD grade for both nitrogen and helium gases (<1 ppb).

The BIP® family of gases includes argon, helium, hydrogen and nitrogen. The below table shows the package options for each gas type and purity.

inside BIP bottles

Argon (view size guide)

Cylinder typePressureContentsArgon BIP 6.0Argon BIP Plus 6.6
10 litre Steel (X10)200 bar2m3
47 litre Steel (X47)200 bar9.5m3
Pack 12x 50 litre Steel200 bar120.3m3

Hydrogen (view size guide)

Cylinder typePressureContentsHydrogen BIP 6.0Hydrogen BIP Plus 6.6
47 litre Steel (X47)200 bar7.9m3
Pack 18x 50 litre Steel300 bar212.6m3

Helium (view size guide)

Cylinder typePressureContentsHelium BIP 6.0Helium BIP Plus 6.8Helium BIP ECD 6.0
10 litre Steel (X10)200 bar1.7m3
47 litre Steel (X47)200 bar8.6m3
12x 50 litre Steel200 bar102.9m3
Pack 18x 50 litre Steel300 bar234.5m3

Nitrogen (view size guide)

Cylinder typePressureContentsNitrogen BIP 6.0Nitrogen BIP Plus 6.8Nitrogen BIP ECD 6.0
10 litre Steel (X10)200 bar1.8m3
47 litre Steel (X47)200 bar8.5m3
12x 50 litre Steel200 bar107.6m3

More about how gas purity is quoted

Gas purity can be expressed in terms of a purity grade, which describes the ‘number of nines’ in the percentage purity of the gas. A purity grade of 6.0, for example, corresponds to 99.9999% purity. The number after the decimal point corresponds to the digit following the last nine, so a purity grade of 4.6 corresponds to 99.996% purity.

gas purity quoting graphic