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Cryogenic storage

When failure isn’t an option

Our cryogenic storage solutions suit users of all sizes.

Ultra low temperature and cryogenic sample storage are a vital part of many bio-banks, clinics and laboratories.

They allow for the long-term storage of fragile samples like stem cells, eggs and sperm. Samples are ideally stored at temperatures below -135°C the limit at which virtually all biological functions stop. For the most important samples, this is the only way to defend against the natural breakdown of cells.

Liquid nitrogen freezers can keep samples at a temperature of -196°C near indefinitely, as long as there is a supply of LN₂.

Our range of products

Air Products is your complete cryogenic supplier, growing with your storage needs, every step of the way. Our cryogenic storage solutions suit users of all sizes.

Our services

Whether you need a single dewar or the project management of a large cryogenic laboratory, our experts will work with you to find the right solution for you.

Find the right fit for you and your samples

Use our interactive selector guide to help you choose the model that best suits your needs. Alternatively give one of our experts a call: 0800 389 0202

Do you need to store in vapour?

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Do you need to store 6000 or more vials or straws?

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Do you need to store 1500 vials?

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Are you using square boxes?

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Do you want to adjust and control how cold the temperature is inside the freezer between -20°C and -150°C.

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Do you require -190°C top box temperature

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For -160°C to -170°C temperature, do you want easy access to the samples and a self-sustaining freezer?

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Why choose liquid nitrogen?

Less energy

Liquid nitrogen freezers consume 1% of the energy of equivalent mechanical freezers

-190°C Vapour storage

Even when stored in nitrogen vapour -190oC is achievable, even at the top of the freezer

Long hold time

Some models can maintain cryogenic temperatures for up to 37 days even without a fresh LN2 supply

No heat generated

No need for expensive HVAC systems

Long life

With very few moving parts LN2 cryogenic freezers provide many years of reliable service

High capacity

Up to 94,500 vials (2ml) or 1,046 blood bags (25ml)

No drag out

Vapour storage provides ease of handling, without the risk of LN2 drag out

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