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Reducing Welding Gas Consumption

Sustainable Gas Technology For Tomorrow’s Weld

Welding gas is often wasted due to equipment leaks, excessive flow rates and pre-weld surge. Air Products’ Gastrak® service is the complete package to reduce gas consumption and improve weld quality.

Weld Quality

Reduce the risk of porosity or weld rejects.


Produce better quality welds with lower gas consumption.


Eliminate wasted gas and only pay for gas you use.

Sources Of Gas Waste


Gas control equipment, hoses and connectors need to be regularly inspected and tested to ensure they are safe and free from leaks. Many thousands of litres of weld process gas are wasted every year due leaks.

Excessive Flows

Many welders believe a higher weld process gas flow rate gives a better weld. This is not true. There is an optimum flowrate for each application.

Pre-Weld Surge

It is common to experience a surge of gas at the start of each weld; this is known as pre-weld surge. It is a waste of gas and can cause porosity.

Our Solution

The Gastrak® service starts with a thorough analysis on the current welding process using independently calibrated equipment. An Air Products Welding specialist identifies areas to optimise welding performance and provides a predicted gas consumption saving report.

On agreement to proceed, Gastrak® Economisers are installed on the welding equipment and performance is monitored. You can expect an Application Specialist to return regularly, usually 12 months, to ensure targets are being achieved. It’s all part of the service.

Whatever you’re welding, whatever your process, our Gastrak® service can give you measurable savings.



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