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Innovative welding gas cylinder
- small but mighty solution

Innovative cylinder that saves you time & money.

Our high pressure Integra® cylinders (300 bar) deliver a large volume of gas cost effectively. Available in 30 litres and 10 litres, the compact cylinder range is engineered with invaluable features to optimise the safety and efficiency of your welding operation.

Minimise risks associated with cylinder handling

  • Built-in regulators on the Integra® welding gas cylinders reduce exposure to pressure hazards.
  • Lower centre of gravity reduces the risk of cylinder toppling.
  • Smaller, shorter cylinder dimensions require less storage space - ideal for a busy workspace.
  • Range of portable cylinders within manual handling guidelines to reduce risk of MSD injuries.
  • Oxy-acetylene cylinders can only be used with Integra® flashback arrestors.

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Time saving features mean more time welding

  • The click-on Integra® Flow Optimiser (IFO) connection reduces cylinder changeover time by 30%*
    (*compared to conventional cylinders)
  • No tools required to change over cylinder
  • Ergonomic features for easier movement: handle (welding gas) and rolling knob (oxy-acetylene)

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Integrated engineering controls to control gas consumption and costs

  • Integra® cylinder connects easily via Integra® Flow Optimiser (IFO).
  • A range of IFOs available with pre-set gas flow rates (8-20 l/min) ensuring constant control so you only use the gas you need for optimal weld quality.
  • Built-in regulator means no more equipment costs.
  • Smaller, shorter cylinder requires less storage space, ideal for busy workspace.
  • Cylinder often lasts longer than conventional cylinders* (*200 bar) meaning less time wasted on changeovers.

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Integra® cylinder Range

MIG/TIG stainless steel, aluminium; TIG carbon steel Argon 169034 10 litre 3.03 m3 17.01 kg Ar
MIG/TIG stainless steel, aluminium; TIG carbon steel Argon 14292 30 litre 9.08 m3 64.38 kg Ar
MAG all carbon steel Ferromaxx® Plus 160263 30 litre 8.73m3 61.54 kg ArHeC20/12
MAG carbon steel >10mm thick Ferromaxx® 15 403546 30 litre 9.59 m3 65.64 kg ArCO15/2.5
MAG carbon steel <10mm thick Ferromaxx® 7 14413 30 litre 9.21 m3 65.64 kg ArCO7/2.5
MAG all stainless steel Inomaxx® Plus 160261 30 litre 8.09 m3 64.49 kg M12ArHeC35/2
MAG thin stainless steel Inomaxx® 2 160258 30 litre 9.00 m3 64.49 kg M12ArC2
TIG stainless steel Inomaxx® TIG 500775 30 litre 8.87 m3 65.49 kg R1ArH2
MIG/TIG aluminium & alloys Alumaxx® Plus 160259 30 litre 8.14 m3 59.29 kg 13ArHe30
Fuel cutting Oxygen 123532 30 litre 9.15 m3 61.64 kg O2
Fuel cutting Acetylene 123805 30 litre 6kg 60.0 kg C2H2


What gases are available in the Integra® cylinder?

All Maxx® gases are available in both 30 litre and 10 litre Integra® cylinders

[refer to table above in Range section]

Argon also available in both 30 litre and 10 litre cylinders.

Note – Plus gases only available in 30 litre cylinders

Is the cylinder supplied with an IFO?

No. There are 6 different IFOs with flow rates ranging from 8l/min to 20l/min. You need to order the required IFO/s for your process when you order a cylinder for the first time.

How do the cylinders last so long if there is less gas?

On average there is 10% less m3 gas in the Integra® cylinder compared to conventional 200 bar cylinders. However, as the IFO ensures a constant gas flow rate, excessive gas consumption and waste is eliminated meaning the cylinders often last as long.

How do I know how much gas is left in the cylinder?

The Integra® cylinder has a contents gauge which always shows how much gas is left even when the cylinder is not in use.

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