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Reduce Laser Machine Downtime

"Lost time is never found again." ~ Benjamin Franklin

 laser technology

It is well documented that reducing costs by eliminating waste and maximising output are key to improving manufacturing profitability.


A core source of "waste" is downtime. This is the term used to describe when a machine is out of action or unavailable for use. A study commissioned by OneServe revealed that machine downtime costs the UK economy £15bn a year!


However, not all downtime is created equal. There is clearly a need for scheduled downtime in any production process. The greatest expense, however, is caused by unplanned downtime. Any activity to eliminate or reduce these situations occurring will have a direct positive benefit to the bottom line.

At Air Products, efficiency is front of mind when developing optimal modes of supply for industrial gases. We understand that consistency, efficiency and productivity are critical for success in manufacturing and the "sink or swim factor" for job shops and contract manufacturers.


We are the only UK industrial gas supplier to have high-pressure delivery tankers for the supply of nitrogen to laser users. This is critical for our customers who do not want the costly inconvenience of unplanned downtime during nitrogen deliveries.


There is no lost time from venting down the tank before refilling nor from building the pressure back up; saving potentially hundreds of hours of production time.



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