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Laser Solutions

Laser Solutions
Don't let gas supply impact your productivity targets. Your production can keep running whilst we refill your gas supply.

At Air Products we understand that consistency, efficiency and productivity are critical for success in manufacturing.

Our assured high-quality laser gas range includes resonator gases and assist gases for optimal performance.

The unique modes of gas supply from Air Products can reduce costly downtime by eliminating business interruptions.

Resonator gases

Resonator gases

Air Products has a complete range of high-quality laser resonator gases. We provide both pure and pre-mixed gases – all meet or exceed the gas purity and mixture accuracy specifications of the world's leading laser manufacturers.

Typical schematic of a CO2 laser resonator

CO<sub>2</sub> laser resonator

Using Air Products' resonator gases ensures the highest quality beam characteristics are consistently achieved, allowing you to optimise laser performance and reduce your running costs. Our patented BIP® technology → offers the highest level of purity. The levels of critical impurities like moisture, hydrocarbons and oxygen are closely controlled to ensure the lowest levels are consistently achieved.

Resonator gases have been designed for the world's leading laser manufacturers including:

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Assist gases

Assist gases

Optimal assist gases are critical to ensure the laser works to maximum efficiency. We have a complete range of lasing gases including nitrogen, oxygen, helium and argon in various levels of purity, pressures and modes of supply – including the CryoEase® microbulk solution.

Switch to CryoEase® service and eliminate the costly business interruption when refilling your tank

A key advantage of working with Air Products is the high-pressure refill capability available across our fleet. There is no need to vent down your tank when refilling, saving valuable gas and production time.

Don't let gas supply impact your productivity targets. With the CryoEase® service your production can keep running whilst your tank is filled.

Other benefits of CryoEase® service

Benefits of CryoEase®
Greater efficiencies can help reduce costs.
Microbulk delivery improves quality control, too.
Improved ease of use.

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Our laser solutions

Our laser solutions

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Proud members of AILU

Proud members of AILU

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CryoEase® Service

CryoEase® Service

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Air Products laser solutions
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*CryoEase® installations carried out by Air Products are completed in accordance with the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations (PSSR) 2000 and guidance set out by the British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA). Also, as the installations are pallet-mounted, they do not usually require planning permission.