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As a region we're currently experiencing an energy crisis with unprecedented high global gas and energy prices.

What is the power charge?

You'll be seeing a temporary power charge on your invoices which will be removed once energy prices return to base levels.

What will I pay?

The power charge is a temporary charge and will track power prices each month. The charge will change on a monthly basis depending on the gap between that months average energy price and the base energy price. We convert this value per KG or per cylinder/pack, dependant upon the products you take. This charge applies to all customers and it will be listed as a separate line item on your invoice titled Power Charge.

We will publish the charge here every month, so please feel free to bookmark this link and check for an update.

Invoice Month

Average Price per MWh

Cylinders Power Charge*

Liquid Bulk Power Charge

CryoEase® Power Charge

£/cylinder £/000KG Liquid Oxygen/Nitrogen £/000KG Liquid Argon £/Ltr Liquid Oxygen £/Ltr Liquid Nitrogen £/Ltr Liquid Argon
October £179.98   £63 £126 £0.07 £0.05 £0.18
November   £1.91          

*not applicable to pure helium or pure CO2 products

What is the Carbon Dioxide Surcharge?

If you purchase pure carbon dioxide (CO2) from us, you'll be receiving a surcharge due to the unprecedented gas prices in the market.

What will I pay?

You'll find the surcharge information in the table below. This will appear as a separate line item on your invoice titled Power Charge.

Effective Date

Pure Liquid bulk and CryoEase® CO2

Pure CO2 Cylinder

13th October 2021 £0.495  
1st November 2021
£0.495 £0.495

Please be assured this is a temporary measure until prices return to base levels. We're monitoring the situation closely and will notify you of any updates.

If you're a cylinder customer, you can use the table below to understand your CO2 surcharge for ease. You'll see the surcharge only applies to pure CO2 products, so if you're taking a CO2 mixed product, you'll be exempt from this and pay the power surcharge shown above.

  Product Code


Cylinder Size

Contents (KG)


14345 Industrial grade cylinder X10S 7.2 £3.47
14356 Industrial grade cylinder X30S 21.61 £10.89
14360 Industrial grade cylinder X47S 34 £16.83
181855 Industrial grade Pack 12 x 47S 406.27 £201.96
42334 Industrial grade Pack 12 x 47S 406.27 £201.96
58132 Freshline® cylinder X47S 34 £16.83
58133 Freshline® cylinder X47S 34 £16.83
42404 Freshline® Pack 12 x 47S 408 £201.96
181857 Freshline® Pack 12 x 47S 408 £201.96
14752 Topgas® cylinder X10S 7.92 £3.47
14753 Topgas® cylinder X30S 24.75 £10.89
181607 Premier grade 4.5 cylinder X10S 8 £3.96
25939 Premier grade 4.5 cylinder X47S 35 £16.83
26021 Premier grade 4.5 cylinder X47S 35 £16.83
25932 Ultra-Pure grade 5.5 cylinder X47S 35 £17.33
439852 Ultra-Pure grade 5.5 cylinder X47S 35 £17.33

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