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CP7 / CP47 Gas Equipment Safety Inspections

Gas Equipment Safety Inspections

How often should gas cylinders be inspected

Regular inspections on your gas equipment are vital for your safety. The British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA) Code of Practice 7 (CP7) and the Code of Practice 47 (CP47) recommend that gas control regulators and flashback arrestors are checked annually and replaced every five years.

Let our qualified inspectors check your equipment to ensure you and your teams are safe. We’ll provide you with certification for your records too.

CP7 & CP47 gas equipment safety inspections cover:

  • Equipment inspections in line with Codes of Practice
  • The need for personal protective equipment
  • Single and multi-stage regulator inspection
  • Correct fitting of gas regulators
  • Flashback arrestor inspection
  • Correct hose selection and inspection
  • Using hoses safely
  • Correct set-up of an oxy-fuel gas workstation
  • Functional tests on regulators
  • Reverse flow tests on flashback arrestors
  • Reverse flow tests on hose check valves
CP7 & CP47 gas equipment safety inspections

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