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Solvent recovery system and VOC emission control using liquid nitrogen.

Abate and recover close to 100% of most VOCs with Air Products Cryo-Condap® Technology.

Emissions monitoring and pollution control are priorities all over the world to help fight climate change. Management of VOC emissions is high on the agenda and industries need to continually review their emission control systems.

Cryo-Condap®, Air Products' proprietary technology using liquid nitrogen for VOC recovery can effectively abate and recover close to 100% of most VOCs.

Solvent Recovery Cryo-Condap

Sustainable, compact and easy to install, it can treat VOC laden emission streams and other hazardous air pollutants. It can also recover the gaseous nitrogen which can be used for inerting and blanketing applications.

Watch this video to find out how to control VOC emissions using liquid nitrogen


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Case study
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