How can you reduce costs without having to compromise on quality?
With a ground-breaking innovation designed specifically to reduce your gas consumption, and therefore, reduce your spend.

How does it work?

Keep Connected to Your Costs

Costs are not only tightly controlled by the gas consumption features of the Integra® e2 cylinder, digital communication technology allows you to understand your cylinder stock at the click of a button, for closer cost management:

  1. Protective valve guard

    The ergonomic valve guard incorporates a rolling-knob and collar to make it easier to move the cylinder and place it onto your welding machine.

  2. Electronic contents indicator

    Quickly see how much gas remains, even when the cylinder is not in use.

  3. Leak detection

    One-touch is all it takes to test your welding machine and hoses for leaks.

integra e2 gas bottle head
mobile phone with integra app open


Download the free app to manage inventory and view useful cylinder information from your smartphone.

Smaller, safer, lighter, quicker

This range of smaller, compact, 300 bar cylinders deliver safety, productivity and cost benefits. Integra® e2 cylinders have a built-in regulator, are easier to handle, last as long as conventional larger cylinders and reduce gas consumption and changeover times with the Integra® Flow Optimiser (IFO).

Welding Gases Range

Whether you are MIG, MAG or TIG welding carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminium we have a welding gas in the Integra® e2 cylinder for you.

Our Maxx® welding gases deliver the highest levels of performance - including better weld quality and faster welding speeds – to maximise productivity, reduce rejects and improve your working environment. The blue dot on the table below indicates the optimal gas for each application.


  • Ferromaxx® PlusM20 ArHe C20/12
    Ferromaxx® 15M24 ArCO 15/2.5
    Ferromaxx® 7M24 ArCO 7/2.5
    M21ArC2020% CO2 in Argon
    M26ArC020/220% CO2, 2% Oxygen in Argon
  • Ferromaxx® PlusM20 ArHe C20/12
    M21ArC2020% CO2 in Argon
  • Inomaxx® PlusM12 ArHeC 35/2
    Inomaxx® 2M12 ArC 2
  • Inomaxx® PlusM12 ArHeC 35/2(1)
    Inomaxx® 2M12 ArC 2(1)
    Inomaxx® 2M12 ArC 2(2)

    (1) Flux cored wires (slag forming)

    (2) Metal cored wires

  • Alumaxx® PlusI3 ArHe 30
    Argon TechnicalI1 Ar


  • Alumaxx® PlusI3 ArHe 30
    Argon TechnicalI1 Ar
  • Inomaxx® TIGR1 ArH 2(3)
    Alumaxx® PlusI3 ArHe 30
    Argon TechnicalI1 Ar

    (3) Austenitic stainless steels only (eg. 300 series)

  • Alumaxx® PlusI3 ArHe 30
    Argon TechnicalI1 Ar

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