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Maxx® Welding Gases

The best results come from seeing the bigger picture

Welding Gas Selector - find your optimal gas mix

To find out which of our competitive welding solutions is right for your needs simply select your welding material type from the options below.

How you can boost your productivity and profitability, just by changing to Maxx® weld process gases

Do you think of welding gas as just a cost? Have you ever considered choosing a welding gas that works harder?

Welding gas only makes up 3% of the overall welding cost so is not a big decision, right? Wrong! Choosing the optimal gas for your set-up should bring multiple benefits for your business.

Maxx® gases are proven to lower your welding cost per metre welded

There are 9 key areas of your operation where Maxx® gas can have a positive impact. Contact us to see where we can generate savings for you.

Reduced gas consumption
Reduced power usage
Improved weld quality
Faster welding speeds
Reduced wire usage
Less post-weld work
Equipment saving
Faster change-over times
Improved safety

Introducing Maxx® weld process gases

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