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One gas that does it all for aluminium

Alumaxx® Plus weld process gas has been specifically designed as the only gas that you need for the high-quality welding of aluminium and its alloys. If you aim for the most exacting standards, you'll need a dedicated gas like Alumaxx® Plus. A multipurpose welding gas, it is specially designed for MIG and TIG welding aluminium and its alloys across all material thickness.

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Improved Weld Quality

Low porosity, distortion and oxidisation with excellent weld pool control.

Better Weld Penetration

Excellent fusion characteristics and tolerant to variations in weld parameters.

Reduced Spatter

Cuts post weld cleaning activity – saving time and money.

Improved productivity

Alumaxx® Plus weld process gas gives you an increase in manual weld speeds of up to 24% in MIG welding and up to 35% in TIG welding compared with argon.

Fewer Rejects

Alumaxx® Plus weld process gas is easy to use, gives ultra-low porosity levels and excellent fusion characteristics. This improves weld quality and means fewer rejects.

A better working environment

Because ozone is a health hazard which cannot always be removed by fume extraction equipment, Air Products has concentrated on developing gases that give low ozone exposure levels. The result - a gas that provides a better working environment as well as improved productivity and fewer rejects.

Additional Information

Product Description Price
Alumaxx® Plus
Alumaxx® Plus
I3 ArHe30
30 litre Integra® steel cylinder
300 bar
volume: 8.14 m3
weight: 65.64kg
30% helium in argon
Alumaxx® Plus
I3 ArHe30
47 litre steel cylinder
300 bar
volume: 12.75 m3
weight: 91.58kg
30% helium in argon

Benefits of Alumaxx® gases

Specially designed

Alumaxx® Plus is a multipurpose shielding gas, specially designed for MIG and TIG welding aluminium and its alloys across all material thickness.

Improved productivity

through significant increases in manual weld speeds (min 17%) compared to conventional welding gas mixtures.

Fewer rejects

gases that are easy to use and tolerant to changes in weld parameter settings.

Better working environment

gases that produce lower ozone exposure levels.

Optimal mode of supply

full range of cylinder sizes, packs and tanks to suit every business.

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