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New look for Air Products’ Maxx® weld process gas range!

“Productivity is a broad term – it became apparent that we needed to break down this concept and clearly articulate to customers all of the various benefits that Maxx® weld process gases bring to a welding operation and demonstrate how they all add up.”
Alison Smith, Segment Marketing Manager UK and Ireland, Metal Fabrication, Air Products.

“See the bigger picture” is the message that Air Products is advocating to promote their Maxx® weld process gases range. The tagline is a result of recent market research focused on the UK & Ireland metal fabrication market. The research confirmed that there is significant technical welding experience in the UK & Ireland. However, there is a clear need for more commercial advice from suppliers.

The key pain points that most customers are trying to address are how to maximise both quality and productivity, whilst minimising production costs. There is a perception that welding gas is a low interest commodity. Whilst it is widely accepted that using the incorrect welding gas can negatively impact production results, there is less understanding on how choosing the optimal gas can significantly improve output. This led us to develop the “Bigger Picture” concept. Maxx® gases can have a sizeable impact on either reducing a variety of welding related costs or drive enhanced productivity – all contributing to a positive bottom line impact.

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