Reverberatory Furnaces

A fully flexible technology

We have developed a range of technologies specifically for reverb furnaces, including our Transient Heating Burner and Uniform Heating Burner. Whether you run a melting or melting/holding operation with our proprietary oxy-fuel or air-oxy-fuel burners you can achieve significant energy savings and greater throughput.

Transient Heating Oxy-fuel Burner

With Air Products' patented Transient Heating burner, → you can achieve more even heating throughout your reverb furnace, eliminate cold zones, and maximise melt rates.

The Air Products Tunable Enrichment Air-Oxy-Fuel Burner is designed specifically to enhance your combustion process, this new burner generation gives you the flexibility to use a combination of air and oxygen in your furnace.


Flexible heating profile and low NOx operation

Air-Oxy-Fuel Burner: Flexible heating profile and low NOx operation



Uniform Heating Burner

Our Uniform Heating Burner is a cost-effective solution that increases the homogeneity within your reverb furnace, reducing the energy required.

Other benefits include:

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