Rotary Furnaces

The most powerful move you can make for your furnace

Our range of proprietary oxy-fuel burners have been designed specifically for rotary furnaces. Whether fixed or tilting, our technology, including the Advanced Low Emissions Melting (ALEM) system and our new generation High Yield Burner can help you increase yield, achieve greater throughput and reduce fuel costs.

Advanced Low Emissions Melting (ALEM) system

The ALEM technology → facilitates the processing of highly contaminated scrap whilst minimising melt losses and flux usage and increasing productivity through reducing costs and total emissions.

This innovative melting system measures the degree of contamination, automatically controlling the oxygen flow to ensure more efficient combustion and can be tailored to your specific melting requirements.

"Following the successful installation of the high yield burner and ALEM technology, we continue to realise real financial and operational benefits."

Ludek Septun Production Manager, REMET spol s.r.o.

High Yield Burner

Our new generation, patented High Yield Burner will give you all the benefits of conventional oxy-fuel technology such as fuel savings, increased production rates and reduced baghouse temperatures and loadings, with the added advantage of increased yield.

Comparison tests with conventional oxy-fuel burners have shown our High Yield Burner can achieve a 1%-2% increase in yield as well as a 10%-15% reduction in flux.

Other benefits include:

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