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When it comes to storing, handling and dispensing liquid nitrogen, specialist equipment is essential. As part of our liquid nitrogen supply service we supply all of the equipment required for storing and dispensing liquid nitrogen, this can typically be purchased outright or leased. We also offer a comprehensive range of personal protective equipment for purchase.

Our equipment range also includes cryosurgery specific equipment, including a refillable spray canister for clinical use and a range of spray and contact probes for various applications.

Dewars and Ancillary Equipment


The MVE Lab series cryogenic dewars are industry leading and are being used in hundreds of facilities throughout the world. The high-efficiency, super insulated dewars are the most convenient, economical way to store and dispense liquid nitrogen.

Features Include:

  • Designed for efficient storage of liquid nitrogen
  • Low liquid nitrogen consumption
  • Convenient lightweight package
  LAB 30 LAB 50
LN2 Capacity, litres 32 50
Static Evaporation Rate, L/day 0.22 0.49
Unit Dimensions
Neck Opening, mm 64 64
Overall Height, mm 610 775
Usable Height, mm 278 559
Outer Diameter, mm 432 432
Internal Diameter, mm 356 356
Weight Empty, Kg 11.4 14
Weight Full, Kg 54.6 54.4

Dewar Accessories

Personal Protective Equipment

PPE Pack (Thermal Gloves and Goggles)

PPE pack (thermal gloves and goggles), includes the two essential pieces of protective equipment when handling liquid nitrogen.

Protective Face Mask

Protective face mask, for even better face protection from liquid nitrogen splashes.

Cryosurgery Application Equipment

Cryosurgery using liquid nitrogen is the treatment of choice for many skin lesions including: verruca, basal cell carcinoma, actinic keratosis, lentigo, condyloma accuminata, cervical erosions, molluscum contagiosum, skin tags, naevus to mention a few. We recommend and supply the Cortex Technology CryoPro® cryosurgical equipment, the units provide outstanding performance in terms of safety, ease of operation and reliability.


The CryoPro® Maxi is an FDA approved nitrogen spray delivery device with a large capacity of 500 ml (20 -24 hrs. static holding time) which should comfortably cover a full clinic of patients. Each unit comes with a set of spray applicators for most common lesions (e.g. warts, small tumors etc.).

Contact Probes & Tips

Optionally, we provide spray tips, spray extensions and contact probes in a variety of sizes. Contact probes are particularly useful to control the lateral spread of the freeze (e.g. near the eye or in the oral cavity). Contact probes are selected to fit the actual lesion, and they offer a deep freeze with minimal lateral spread. For more information download the Cortex Technology datasheet.

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