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Woman Lab Worker Using an MVE HEco Series 1500-190 Freezer Unit

Liquid Nitrogen Freezers

Our range of cryogenic freezers offers something for everyone, from traditional liquid nitrogen storage to our MVE HEco series next generation high efficiency freezer. Our experts can help you decide which liquid nitrogen container system is best for your purposes – based on whether you're storing vials or blood bags, what quantity of samples you'll be storing, what market you are working in, etc.

We offer liquid or dry storage depending on your preference and each range is available in a few size options. See below for an overview of series' features and benefits, as well as the model sizes and specifications available.

Liquid Nitrogen Freezing from Air Products

MVE HEco 800, 1500, 1800 series

With their unique shroud design, streamlined LN2 plumbing, and vacuum jacketed transfer hose, the MVE HEco 800 series freezers provide efficient use of LN2, making them the most efficient vapor freezers available.

Features Include:

  • LN2 efficiency
  • Fully enclosed wiring and plumbing
  • Vacuum jacketed transfer hose
  • Dry sample storage
  • -190°C top box temperature
  • Lowest lift over height
  • Single step standard
  • Optional double-tier step

MVE HEco Series 1500-190 Freezer Unit
MVE 1400 Series Freezer Unit

MVE series

Provide stable cryogenic storage for up to 39,000 1.2 / 2.0 ml vials. These freezers provide maximum storage density and provide the industry's longest hold time. The MVE series is primarily designed for liquid storage.

Features include

  • Liquid sample storage
  • Wide neck opening
  • Lowest liftover height
  • Largest LN2 capacity
  • Optional Battery Backup


MVE 816P

Designed with the fertility market in mind. With its unique two-tier tray design, the MVE 816P can hold vials, straws and SUC-1 canisters, which are used by leading fertility clinics worldwide. A constant temperature allows for vapor storage throughout the freezer at near liquid nitrogen temperatures.

MVE 800 Series - 190 Freezer
MVE 1800 Series 150 Freezer Unit

MVE stock series

The MVE stock series provides the ultimate in security for the breeding industry and is primarily used to store semen and embryos. The freezers are designed for pull and pack shipment, with a wide neck opening for easy access. Although engineered for liquid storage, most MVE stock series can be used to store in vapor.

Features include

  • Wide neck opening
  • Lowest lift over height
  • Largest LN2 Capacity
  • Optional Battery Backup


Model Range

Freezer Range MVE Heco Series MVE High Efficiency MVE Fusion MVE Vario Series MVE 816P MVE Series MVE Stock Series
Sizes available 800, 1500, 1800 800, 1500, 1800 1500 1500, 1800 800 200, 500, 600, 1500, 1800 100, 800, 1300, 1800
Liquid or vapour storage Dry vapour Dry vapour Dry vapour Dry vapour Dry vapour Both Both
Optimised for reduced LN2 consumption Yes Yes N/A Yes Yes No No
Top box temperature -190 Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes
Step included as standard Single (800 model)
Double (1500, 1800 models)
Optional (800 model)
Double (1500, 1800 models)
Double Double Optional double step None None (800 model)
Double (1500, 1800 models)
Fully enclosed wiring and plumbing Yes No No No No No No
Standard transfer hose or Vacuum jacketed Vacuum jacketed Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard
Controller type MVE TS TEC 3000 MVE TS MVE TS TEC 3000 TEC 3000 TEC 3000
Touchscreen control Yes No Yes Yes No No No
Maximum capacity, 1.2 & 2ml vials (internally threaded)* 19500 (800 model)
42000 (1500 model)
94500 (1800 model)
19500 (800 model)
42000 (1500 model)
94500 (1800 model)
31200 39,000 (1500 model)
94500 (1800 model)
10500 5,200 (200 model)+
10,400 (500 model)+
16,900 (600 model)+
26,650 (1400 model)+
39000 (1800 model)+
11700 (800 model)
20800 (1300 model)
Sample types
Vials Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Large racks Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Mini Racks Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Blood bags Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No
Straws in canisters and boxes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Market specific No No No No Fertility No Artifical Insemination
Constant supply of LN2 required Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Variable temperature No No No -20 to -150°C No No No

* Depending on exact model and rack layout

+ Capacities given are for liquid phase storage, vapour phase will be lower

Gas Supply and Delivery

With many options when it comes to gas supply and storage, we’re sure to have an option that’s right for you, whatever your size. This also allows us to be flexible and grow with your requirements, find out more.

Gas Supply and Delivery
Gas Tanker Truck Being Filled with Liquid Nitrogen

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