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MVE Fusion Freezer

Introducing the MVE Fusion® Freezer, the world’s first self-sustaining cryogenic freezer. The MVE Fusion is a refrigerated liquid-based bio-storage freezer, similar in appearance and construction to our MVE High Efficiency LN2 freezer. The design of the MVE Fusion is to provide cold storage capabilities, with no need for liquid cryogen during normal operation. The MVE Fusion can be used in remote locations, isolated rooms, high elevation facilities, and facilities with little or no vacuum jacketed pipe infrastructures. The MVE Fusion does not require constant LN2 supply.

Model Range

Maximum Storage Capacity MVE Fusion®
1.2 & 2 ml Vials (Internally Threaded) 31,200
Number of Racks 100 cell boxes 20
Number of Racks 25 cell boxes 16
Number of Stages per Rack 13
LN2 Capacity L 50 (inner pressure vessel)
LN2 Capacity Under Tray L (not necessary)
Unit Dimensions
Neck Opening in. (mm) 12.5 (318)
Usable Internal Height in. (mm) 29.6 (752)
Inner Diameter in. (mm) 38.4 (975)
Overall Height in. (mm) 65 (1625)
Overall Depth in. (mm) 57 (1450)
Liftover Height in. (mm) 37.1 (944)
Door Width Requirement** in. (mm) 43.5 (1105) with handles
Weight Empty est. lb. (kg) 750 (340) estimated
Weight Liquid Full* (Freezer with 50L and Cryocooler) est. lb. (kg) 830 (377) without racks estimated
Blood Bag Capacities Total Bags Bags/Frame No. Frames
791 OS/U (25 ml) 2296 7 328
4R9951 (50 ml) 1484 7 212
4R9953 (250 ml) 752 4 188
4R9955 (500 ml) 592 4 148
DF200 (200 ml) 416 4 104
DF700 (700 ml) (will not fit through neck opening)

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