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Are cryogenics the key to fertility treatment?

While developments and research are ongoing, we have come a long way with reproductive medicine in recent years. There are more options available than ever before to manage and potentially treat infertility, as well as new and innovative alternatives for those that can't conceive or are at risk of becoming sterile.
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Cryogenics can help. Along with the advancements in health and fertility treatments, a number of modern developments in the use of cryogenics have yielded enumerable benefits. One such use is in vitro fertilisation (IVF), wherein embryos, sperm and oocytes can be frozen and preserved for use in fertility treatment at a later date. Cryogenics plays a crucial role in this process to ensure the safe storage of these valuable samples.

In vitro fertilisation

IVF is a treatment for infertility which is primarily offered to those with conditions such as fallopian tube damage or blockage, endometriosis, impaired sperm production or other genetic disorders that impair fertility. IVF involves 6 stages:

Cryogenics can be used to store the eggs after they have been collected or the embryos that have been fertilised, ready to be thawed when they are needed for the procedure to continue.

Why use cryogenics?

Utilising cryogenics in fertility treatment opens new possibilities in reproductive medicine and plays a crucial role in the success of IVF procedures. Cryopreservation can freeze time, allowing for the long‐term storage of valuable samples for when they are required in the future.

It may be necessary to use cryopreservation to store samples for a number of reasons. If you are anticipating treatment that has a risk of infertility, such as cancer treatment that may reduce your ovarian reserve or stop sperm production after chemotherapy, these samples can be preserved before your treatment begins. Another reason is an abundance of embryos following the initial stages of IVF ‐ after the collected eggs are fertilised, more embryos may be created than needed, so the remainder can be stored and reduce waste.

Among other benefits, cryogenically freezing reproductive samples using MVE freezers such as those available from Air Products means that sample security is maintained, with the ability to hold cryogenic temperatures for up to 5 days without power or a liquid nitrogen supply. Also, through efficient use of the cooling properties of liquid nitrogen, running costs are kept to a minimum. Liquid nitrogen from Air Products for Life Science is also MDD certified to ISO13485 Medical Device Directive.

As a market leader in this sector, Air Products has the expertise to help with your storage needs at any stage of your project.

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