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How Energy Efficient Are Liquid Nitrogen Freezers?

In facilities such as blood banks, medical research centres and fertility clinics, the safe storage of biological samples is vital. Long term preservation of such fragile samples requires extremely low minimum temperatures of -135 degrees Celsius, all the way down to -196 degrees Celsius.
Are Liquid Nitrogen Freezers Energy Efficient

Storage at these low temperatures ensures that samples can be stored long term and limits the risk of deterioration.

There are several types of freezers that can be used for storing biological materials, the most common being mechanical freezers and liquid nitrogen freezers.

Mechanical Freezers

Simply put, a mechanical freezer is what the majority of us use domestically in the form of an upright or chest freezer.

Using arefrigeration-system, mechanical freezers are able to maintain temperatures between -20 and -80 °C with some models able to store as low as -150°C. However, at this temperature the mechanical freezers will use large amounts of energy and give out a lot of heat.

When it comes to the storage of biological samples, mechanical freezers are a viable option, depending on the type of material being stored.  Samples such as cells, tissues and enzymes can be safely preserved in a mechanical unit.

However, if the intended application is long term storage, mechanical freezers do pose some potential problems for users:

Based on the factors mentioned above, it may be worth considering an alternative to traditional mechanical freezers to improve both the sample safety and cost efficiency of your laboratory storage operation - a liquid nitrogen freezer could be the perfect solution.

Liquid Nitrogen Freezers

Liquid nitrogen freezers mitigate many of the issues presented by their mechanical counterparts.

Although the initial purchase cost of liquid nitrogen freezers may seema more expensive option, the overall running and maintenance costs throughout the lifetime of the freezers make it far more economical in the long term.

Unlike mechanical and ultra-low temperature freezers, which rely on electrical refrigeration systems, liquid nitrogen freezers require far less continuous energy input to maintain temperature. This is due to the fact that their coolant properties come from the liquid nitrogen itself in the form of either liquid or vapour.

With their specialised insulated tanks, liquid nitrogen freezers are a far more suitable option for the long-term preservation of biological samples as well as having a relatively low carbon footprint, which is why they are often the preferred option for laboratories, medical facilities and commercial cryostorage facilities.

Liquid nitrogen freezers provided by Air Products are designed to suit a wide variety of applications and facilities:

The All-in-One Cryogenic Freezer Specialists

Air Products is an industry leading supplier of cryogenic freezers and storage solutions to suit operations in a range of industries. Offering services such as gas supply and delivery as well as project management and room design helping you to design and install a modern and efficient cryoroom that will keep up with current and future demand.

We are also the only industrial gas company who manufactures liquid nitrogen in the UK, which is compliant with the new Medical Device Regulation.

If you require more assistance choosing the right liquid nitrogen storage for your facility, you can use our innovative product selector guide to find the model that best suits you. Alternatively, if you'd prefer to discuss with one of our experts, please contact us on 0800 389 0202 or submit an enquiry here

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