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Cryogenic Freezing FAQs

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about cryogenic freezing.
Are there regulations and guidelines covering the design of Cryorooms?

Air Products is a member of the BCGA (British Compressed Gases Association) which defines the Codes of Practice and Guidance Notes for the safe use in Gases and Equipment and so can provide advice on ensuring that your room meets all the relevant guidelines.

Am I better to store my samples in liquid or vapour?

Whilst most smaller aluminium freezers still store in liquid nitrogen, larger capacity modern auto-fill freezers like the MVE HEco units use nitrogen vapour as the storage medium whilst maintaining a vapour temperature of -190°C at the top of the inventory.

How pure is the liquid nitrogen supplied by Air Products?

The liquid nitrogen that Air Products supplies to all our customers is to MDR (Medical Device Regulation) certified to ISO 13485 with a purity of 99.999%.

I have requirement for cylinder gases. Can you provide these?

Air Products offers cylinders, the traditional solution for low volume of gas. For small and medium sized users, single cylinders offer a low-cost, versatile method of gas supply. Cylinders can be supplied in a full range of sizes, pressures and gas purities for a wide range of gases and gas mixtures. For larger volumes, Air Products can also supply manifolded cylinder packs.

Is there a more energy efficient alternative to mechanical ULT -80°C freezers?

Yes. MVE Biomedical have introduced the MVE Variō series, a range of variable temperature cryogenic freezers which provide excellent temperature stability and reliable sample storage. They are able to operate with less than 1% of the power consumption and approximately 70% overall operating cost savings when compared to the leading mechanical freezers.

Is the liquid nitrogen Medical Device Regulation (MDR) Certified?

Air Products has upgraded the certification of our liquid nitrogen from Medical Device Directive (MDD) to the more stringent Medical Device Regulation (MDR) We are currently the only industrial gas company manufacturing liquid nitrogen in the UK that is compliant to the new Medical Device Regulation

Can I store my sample cryogenically when there is no access for liquid nitrogen?

Yes, we also offer the MVE Fusion, a self-sustaining cryogenic freezer which means the Fusion operates as a stand-alone unit and requires no on-going liquid nitrogen supply or connection to an external source. This makes it perfect for locations with limited access to liquid nitrogen delivery, remote geographical locals, isolated rooms, high elevation facilities and those with little or no vacuum jacketed pipe infrastructure.

It is possible to ship cryogenically stored samples?

Yes, we offer a range of cryogenic shippers which can store samples cryogenically for up to 82 days, with the QWick charge system they can be ready for shipping in just 2 hours.

What are the options for racking inside the freezers?

In addition to the standard racking Air Products can also supply bespoke racking to meet a customer's individual needs. Racking can also be labelled for easier identification within the unit.

Can I optimise the storage space in my facility?

By upgrading from manual fill aluminium freezers to a stainless-steel autofill freezer it is possible to increase sample storage by up to 40 times, per cubic metre of floor space.

Can you help with the design of my new Cryoroom?

We offer a Cryoroom design and installation service which will take into consideration all of the relevant regulations and guidelines.

Do all liquid nitrogen vapour freezers work in the same way?

No, a freezer that has been designed and manufactured as a vapour freezer is more efficient, offers better sample security and lower liquid nitrogen consumption than a liquid fill freezer that has been adapted for vapour use.

I'm using a lot of gas cylinders each month, is there a more efficient option for my gas supply?

The CryoEase® service is an easy compact supply solution for medium to large gas users. It offers a highly adaptable gas supply and suits a vast range of industries. Gas or liquid offtakes are possible and cylinder changeovers and manual handling are eliminated.

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