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Get an autofill cryogenic freezer, get a better night's sleep

There are so many things to consider with a manual freezer ‐ refills, lack of liquid nitrogen and the fear of errors and complications, all of which can keep you up at night. With so much to think about, you may need some help to keep yourself cool.
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While we aren't suggesting you sleep in it, you can rest easy knowing that an autofill freezer that can monitor liquid nitrogen levels itself, allowing you the peace of mind to keep your focus on what matters in your project.

Delegation at its finest

As with any project, it's vital to optimise time and resources so that efficiency can be kept at its maximum. Unnecessary wastage of these factors can have a detrimental effect on your work, precision is compromised, and time, which could have been spent more valuably elsewhere, is devoted to unnecessary manual tasks.

Manual Dewar‐style freezers are an example in point. Not only do these small‐capacity units take up space, but it is a requirement that each unit is individually, manually filled and checked for temperature and liquid nitrogen levels. In addition, there is no clear way to identify unit or system errors, and the dependence on manual work presents the risk of human error. When manually handling substances such as liquid nitrogen, it poses a greater safety risk if improperly dealt with, including burns from the extremely low temperatures, if not wearing the appropriate protective equipment, and oxygen deficiency if nitrogen escapes from the cryogenic storage vessel.

On the other hand, an autofill cryogenic freezer can minimise the risk of error and inevitable variability posed by manual filling and handling. The MVE freezers with touchscreen control and at‐a‐glance display of temperature and liquid levels, precisely monitor and control the environment inside the freezer. With automated level control and user‐defined alarms in the case of warnings and errors, any guesswork is eliminated. Clear alerts and a system that automatically fills liquid nitrogen to the correct level are undeniable improvements over a manual unit, with improved safety and fewer daily worries. Precise measurements leave nothing to chance – you never have to question whether liquid nitrogen levels are low or have run out.

More improvements for a better freeze

On top of the benefits that automation can offer to the cryogenic process, a freezer from the MVE range is:

With a truly optimised, autofill cryogenic freezer, there's nothing left to worry about – efficient time, lower cost and improved quality ‐ along with the peace of mind brought from automated processes mean you can rest easy knowing that your samples and products are in good hands. With Air Products, a better night's sleep is a freezer away.

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