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Maintaining the integrity of your cryogenic samples is always of high importance, but in the recent times of uncertainty, it’s potentially caused more concern than ever.

With a wealth of knowledge in cryogenic freezing and equipment, our life science product manager, Stephen Robinson, hosted a series of webinars in the spring of 2020. Sharing the benefit of his experience; offering useful advice on minimising unnecessary nitrogen consumption, tips for checking the integrity of your equipment and maintenance routines to better protect your samples. While these tips were particularly relevant during periods of lockdown, the tips remain helpful for anyone who is cryogenically storing samples.

Videos of the webinar are now available to download, they have been broken down into bitesize chunks so you can watch them all or just the ones relevant to you.

Aluminium Freezers

How to identify signs that your, manual fill, aluminium freezers might be failing.

Stainless steel freezers

How to get the best out of your automated stainless-steel freezer.

Liquid nitrogen Supply lines

Often overlooked, but key to minimising liquid nitrogen wastage.

External liquid nitrogen tanks

Tips and advice for monitoring and maintaining their efficiency.

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